The Artists

Janel Martir, Paintbrushes (2013), photograph.
Janel Martir, Paintbrushes (2013), photograph.

This exhibit showcases the works of women and their families who participated in the Art Activity Group at Northern Lights. Three participants – NL1, NL3 and NL4 – created and selected artworks to be exhibited at 2013 ART HOP.

To respect the confidentiality of the women and their families, artists are identified by fictitious initials.

Artist NL1: 9-year old artist NL1, the son of resident NL2, used acrylic paints to create biomorphic shapes that seem to float on the canvas. This constellation of amorphous shapes and bold colors coalesces into a vibrating landscape of change in the work entitled Mom (2013).

Artist NL3: Artist NL3’s delicate brushstrokes and pastel palette visually summon a sense of calm in Free Spirit (2013).  The addition of two butterflies, both of which appear to playfully navigate a maze of colored swirls, highlights the expressive harmony of the work.

Artist NL4: Artist NL4 juxtaposes text and photos to create a scrapbook-inspired collage, which will be donated to Northern Lights as a gift. Her work, entitled Northern Lights (2013), combines images of flowers and inspirational quotes to emphasize the beauty of positive change.

Janel Martir & Leslie Wenning: To highlight the symbiotic nature of the Art Activity Group at Northern Lights, class instructors, Janel Martir and Leslie Wenning, also included their own artwork.

Proceeds from the artwork made by Martir and Wenning will be donated to continue the Art Activity Group at Northern Lights. Proceeds from artwork made by the residents of Northern Lights will go directly to the artists themselves.

This exhibit was made possible by: The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Northern Lights, the HowardCenter, and the UVM College of Medicine.


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Northern Lights' Group Exhibition at the 2013 ART HOP

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