Art Activity Group


The Art Activity Group is an elective art class offered at Northern Lights. Sessions are conducted once a week, and provide an opportunity for both staff and residents to come together to create art. The class curriculum was created in collaboration with the residents to ensure that the class addresses their creative interests. Prior to finalizing a curriculum, class instructors Janel Martir and Leslie Wenning met with the residents to discuss and plan art activities. Ongoing feedback from the Northern Lights residents and staff is essential in maintaining the Art Group’s success. Surveys are conducted monthly to gauge the effectiveness of the group.

In collaboration with Northern Lights and with funding from the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Martir and Wenning endeavor to create a supportive social environment in which the women and their families feel safe expressing themselves through art activities, promote healthy coping strategies through art, and encourage self-reflection through the art-making process.



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Northern Lights' Group Exhibition at the 2013 ART HOP

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