About the Exhibit


Metamorphosis is an important biological concept. It defines the process of physical change that occurs in the life cycle. In art, the word takes on many meanings, both literally and figuratively. The works in this exhibit explore the idea of transformation through the mediums of painting and collage. This exhibit showcases the creations of women and their families who participated in the Art Activity Group at Northern Lights, a support house for women who are transitioning from incarceration into a new life in Chittenden County.

Art parallels this experience of transformation: artists take materials and transform those materials into actual works of art. In this way, the women and their families are able to experience the transformative power of creation through the art-making process. Here, the artists experimented with color, line, form, and text to express both the explosive dynamism and serene beauty of transformation. To respect the confidentiality of the women and their families, artists are identified by fictitious initials.


Champlain College
Miller Building, 3rd Floor
175 Lakeside Avenue


September 6 – 8
Friday – Sunday


Friday 5 pm – 10 pm

Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

Sunday TBA

Proceeds from artwork made by the residents of Northern Lights will go directly to the artists themselves.

This exhibit was made possible by: The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Northern Lights, the HowardCenter, and the UVM College of Medicine.


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Northern Lights' Group Exhibition at the 2013 ART HOP